balmain  Hair extensions with all of their practical and glamorous uses cost money.

 As a hair extension specialist, I am asked–“how much are they?”, all of the time.  There are so many professional hair extension companies for professional hair extension specialist to choose from.

Being that I am certified with two different manufacuters, I can share some of the “why” behind the variances of prices.

Maybe you have started to contemplate getting a “full set” of hair extensions.  Typically, a “full set” of hair extensions is the term referred to the “strand by strand” process.   This process involves a very small section of your own natural hair being isolated, and the same amount of hair extension hair being attached to that section.

Before getting into a further detail about that, let’s discuss more of the “why” behind the costs.

Most importantly is the hair extension hair , itself.  

 Let’s take Balmain hair extensions, for example.

 Balmain Hair extensions is of the highest quality, and originates in China.   Ok, maybe you are thinking “why” would this matter to me….I just want hair extensions, and that’s all I want.

There happens to be a whole process that takes place prior, to you getting the beautiful hair that you have been dreaming about.

With Balmain they will only deal with a select clientele that will provide very strong, healthy hair for their manufacturer.  Once the obtain the hair, the hair then goes through various processes.  The hair goes through a reshaping processes, and its hairstrand shape into a “triobular” shape.  This enables this strong hair to move and bend for the different hair textures, that Balmain has to offer.

real human hair



Another process that the hair extension hair has to go through has to do with the pigment (color) of the hair extension hair.  With Balmain, it goes through a co-enzyme process and in some instances it will take months for the hair to change color.  The manufacturer takes an extremely gentle approach to changing the color of the hair extension hair.  They want to preserve the quality of it, in every way.

Once all of that has taken place, the Balmain hair is shipped to Paris.  Balmain itself is much more than a hair extension manufacturer.  They are a high couture line of clothing and watches.  They are all about fashion.

So long before the salon places its order for the proper amount of hair, the hair itself has been handled many times prior to you having it added to your current length.

Now let’s talk about what happens in the salon.  

It is extremely important that a consultation takes place.  There is where a salon can determine if hair extensions are suitable for the client, and can educate “what” to expect  about moving forward with wearing hair extensions.

From professional experience being a hair extension specialist, I can share with you this… takes time to provide a gorgeous set of extensions.


How much?   Anywhere from 4 to 8 hours.


before   img_9940press   img_9963-presscopy

In some instances, the hair extension hair needs to be colored with professional haircolor to achieve the most beautiful blend.  Again this take time.

extensions before color color during


ellen lawlor's color  annmariewaltsphotographycom_111  annmariewaltsphotographycom_256

Once the hair extensions are prepared and installed, they need to be blended in.   Hair extensions are best worn with a layered haircut/design.  This ensures that the natural hair and the hair extension hair marry together and then the end results are just beautiful and ….expensive looking.

The above photos were a collaboration between Ellen Lawlor and Ann Marie Walts.  Ellen was in charge of the haircolor and the design.  Ann Marie Walts’ responsibilities were to install the Balmain hair extensions so that they completely disappeared, and flowed.   The seamless teamwork of these two, very experience hairstylists provided an end result that anyone would love have, if they were wanting hair extensions.

Let’s talk about experience.

Why are hair extensions so expensive?   


Please be sure that the studio/salon or stylist has much experience when it comes to providing you this service.  

Do they offer consultations?  Are they willing to offer a consultation. 

In the case our hair extension studio, we have various hair extension application options and this is why we recommend beginning with a consultation, too.

If considering opting for a “full set” of “strand by strand” (like shown in the above photo) it is suggested to have a test strand or two installed prior to making your decision.    This will ensure that they are comfortable to wear.

It  is my hope that this article shares some information to help explain…”why are hair extensions so expensive?”

It simply comes down to amount of supplies, quality and the amount of time.

What’s your dream hair look like?

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Dream Hair.





As a makeover artist, each guest is like an amazing story.  Professional salon haircolor offers so much more than  “at home” “box haircolor”, when it comes to multi- dimensional looks.

Childrens’ haircolor glistens with different tones, and is rarely ever just one color.  Haircolor is one of the greatest creative services that salons have to offer.

Professionally speaking, I was once told that… “the right haircolor is; just that.  The right color”


All of the guidlines, of haircolor placement, hold true when designing a clients new look with hair extensions.

Balmain Hair Extensions offer a variety of natural looking hair textures, and their hair extension/ haircolor palette is exquisite.

real human hair

Their packaging is eye catching and makes for easy artist/client communications.   This enables studios to carry much of the hair extension inventory, on hand.  This is great…seeing immediate results can be right at your fingertips.

How do you wish your hair could be better?

Think about it for a minute.


Most of us have something that we might wish we could change.

There are a few misconceptions when it comes to hair extensions.

Hair extensions are not always viewed as practical, and hair extensions can be extremely practical.

How?  First of all, it is not always about adding length to your hair.  In some instances, Balmain Hair Extensions are installed to add more volume to the existing length; just for some fullness.

One example of this would be, if you have a bob haircut and one side goes under….and the other does not.  I have a client that falls into this category.  The reason why she has one side that will not go under is, that she lacks a little bit of hair density on that side.

Simple fix.  We added Balmain Hair Extensions just to that side of her hairstyle.  Just by adding extra density and thickness, her bob hairstyle had balance.

Practical and undetectable.


When it comes to designing looks, as a makeover artist, what is very important is “balance”.   Hair extensions are believable when the hair extensions are not too overpowering the stature of the guest wearing them.

What does all of this mean?  For example, I am 5′ 2″ and as much as I “dream” of having very long hair; I don’t.  Very, very long hair on petite woman actually will make them look shorter.

The opposite is true of very tall women.  Tall women can wear longer hair, and it will look balanced.

When it comes to dreaming about having a studio design your “dream” hair, do your homework.  Call on several studios and asked to see photographs of previous guests.

Some studios may even offer payment plans for your hair extension service.


Balmain hair extensions are of the highest quality.    They have 3 types of installation methods to appeal to all types of styling needs, and lifestyles.

before hair extensions


As seen below,  Balmain Hair offers beautiful colors and great imagery.

The makeover story shown within this post is a “strand by strand” application.





Another suggestion, if considering wearing the Balmain Hair “strand by strand” option is, to have a couple of “test strands” installed.  This is highly recommended to see if it will be comfortable to wear.img_9935

The bonds are virtually undectable, and feel like a grain of “rice”.

Balmain Hair extensions are 100% real human, remy hair.

Remy hair means that the natural hair cuticle is going in the same direction.

Balmain hair is strong, beautiful and soft.  It orginates in China, and then the hair strands are reshaped into a “triobular” shape.  This makes the hair move and look very, very real.

The Balmain Hair extension “Fill-in” strands come pre-tipped with a keratin based bonding wax.

This is NOT GLUE.  There is some mis-information that exists about this fact.

***Important— Protect yourself and be sure that your hair extensions service is being provided by a certified hair extensionist.

The major hair extension manufacturer’s require certification on an individual stylist basis.  What does this mean?  Unfortunately, sometimes “information” is shared.  Especially when it comes to “strand by strand” bonding,  just be sure that you are getting what you are paying for.

Hair extensions are an investment and so is the education that goes into being knowledgeable about them.  From professional experience and being certified by Balmain Hair & Great Lengths Hair Extensions, the trainings can be between $1,000 – $2,500; to become certified.

One certificate DOES NOT cover an entire salon/studio.

There are many creative installation options, and when it comes to installation this is when it is important for there to be good judgement about who should wear hair extensions and who should not.



Some instances of when it is not recommended that hair extensions be worn are:

* Note enough natural hair density

* Regular sauna use–  hair extension bonds do not like excessive moisture

*  Too much time in a chlorinated pool or over exposure to the ocean

*  Recently given birth–

Hair’s natural shed rate will increase ( affects longevity of hair extensions)

*  Recently had chemo therapy —

adhesion of hair extensions may be affected

*  Heavy use of silicon based products.


before jb img_9860-jbpresscopy-2

Dream hair is not only for the movie stars.

What is your “Dream” hair wish?

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The Loft Salon Studio is centrally located within New England. 

Will travel for on location work.

All work– Hair, Makeup & photography by Ann Marie Walts









Makeovers are what we are so very, very passionate about.  Ann Marie Walts is a Makeover Artist & Photographer.

With an artistic eye that is influenced by various artistic professions, seeing things differently is what provides the most inspiration.

Balmain Hair Extensions have so many, many practical to glamorous options.  It truly is an art form.

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Can you remember a time when your hair was cut too short? This situation can create tears, frustration and a long period of time to correct the mishaps……but not any longer!!

Corrective Hair Extensions





Balmain hair extensions have extremely practical uses and different attachment options.

This client had the “strand by strand” process of attachment, and this will help her “grow out” her unfortunate mishap with her previous haircut.

The Loft Salon Studio is located in Western Mass, and centrally located close to Westfield – Mass 01085.  The studio’s approach to the type of that it offers differs from the “average” salon experience.  The provide very detailed consultations to  ensure the highest quality results and client satisfaction.  

There specialties include many and require sometimes hours to provide.  With this being the case, it is a sure thing that what will not be found at The Loft Salon Studio are several clients being worked on at one time.

The “before and after” photos are of actual clients and a true representation of the services and experience that The Loft Salon Studio have to offer.

Their certifications include:

6+ years Color Education for Redken

Redken Certified Colorist

Certified Makeover Artist

Certified Great Lengths Hair Extensions

Certified Balmain Hair Extension Educator

Certified Xtreme Eyelash Extensions Stylist

Professional Photography

Work has been publish.


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They are not just hair extensions….

yahoo-balmainMaybe you would like to have, try a different hair color but you don’t want to take the chance or risk that it will not look right or you may not like it?

I can tell you from personal and professional experience that choosing to use Balmain Hair Extensions as a way to “try” a different hair color is a creative, and safe way to help make your decision.  


Balmain hair extensions offers “temporary” hair extensions that come in beautiful haircolors and it’s called “hairMakeup”.  The hairMakeup clips in, and this gives versatility of adding splashes of color to compliment your existing haircolor or even adding some contrasting haircolor.  Wella… or low commitment.

Recently I had my own haircolor colored darker.  I wanted to transition to a darker haircolor for the winter time.  My summer haircolor was multi-dimensional and lighter.  When I went to a darker haircolor, we had covered up all of my old highlights and my haircolor looked different, and more solid.

What fun it is to have darker haircolor again, and now I can use Balmain’s hairMakeup clip-in hair extensions and change the look of my haircolor.

I have been a hair colorist for over 16 years, and I love coloring hair.  As I became familiar with all of the Balmain hair extensions products and the companies creative though process to their approach to designing hair, I had to change the way I looked at the ways to approach it, too.  Balmain hair extensions are about adding: Haircolor,  more length and/ or volume.   

At first, I could get my thoughts to align with the thoughts of adding length and volume, but haircolor?  I am a haircolorist. 

This week my client, who has a very conservative job, has wanted to play with changing her haircolor but cannot have a style or haircolor that is too edgy.   Sharing with her  all of the options that Balmain hair extesions have, I place a piece of the hairMakeup in her bang area, and wella….!  We were able to give her new haircut and great new look with the Balmain hairMakeup clip in 6″ fringe multi-dimensional piece.

She liked it so much that she bought two of them.  

What a concept of “non” chemical highlights, and in under 5 minutes!

So, back to the part of where I couldn’t understand why Balmain was suggesting and teaching that we can add the look of multi-dimensional haircolor with hair extensions.  My thought process and experience would of had me grab my foils and professional color to achieve those looks.  Today, that changed.

I will not be putting my haircolor tools down anytime soon.  The change will be that now after providing a beautiful, professional haircolor service the beautiful haircolor service can be enhanced with more color and more VOLUME!!

Working with haircolor all day, and everyday I find that often I am thinking….” ohhh, this haircolor would be nice”, but as we all know it is not always a good idea to change haircolor too frequently, and still have healthy, shiny hair.

Balmain hair extensions offer so many types of extension options that I would encourage you to find a Balmain Hair Extension Expert Salon.

Balmain Hair extensions offer such beautiful results.  Balmain Hair extensions can provide immediate length of hair and great haircolor results.  

Balmain Hair Extensions are applied to such a small section of your own hair, that the end result is so real looking that…….seeing is believing.

Balmain Hair Extension hair is 100% real.  Balmain Hair Extensions come in a variety of lengths, color, textures and accessories.

The blend of colors and the Balmain Hair Extensions “seamlessly” blend into your own hair.  The Balmain Hair extensions will be undetectable.

             The quality of Balmain Hair Extensions hair and the selection of colors just give way to endless creative options.

There are extremely practical uses for Balmain Hair Extensions, too. Balmain Hair Extensions can be added for some volume and for added thickness without extending your length.


Creative highlights and deeper colors can be added or alternated.  In the above photo, you can see what is called a “continuous” row of Balmain Hair Extensions.  This type of row will add thickness and bulk.  With the sections being very small, the extensions will behave like your own hair.

The Balmain Hair Extensions are gently attached to your own natural hair.  As your hair grows, the Balmain Hair Extensions will grow out with your own natural hair.  Balmain Hair Extensions can last up to 3 to 4 months depending on home maintenance and lifestyle.  

The benefit to opting for Balmain Hair Extensions is that the hair is reusable.  What this means is that when the extensions have “grown out” and it is time for them to be removed……… don’t have to buy new hair.  The Balmain Hair Extensions Artist will be able to remove your extensions, section by section and then reapply.

It takes approximately 3-4.5 hours to have a full set of Balmain Extensions applied.  That is a short amount of time to achieve the results that you may want NOW!